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"The Sushi Bar aims to provide diners with fine food, but in a casual non-pretentious environment. A carefully curated special menu of ever-changing food items, and a wide range of common and rare Japanese Sake and Whiskey supplement the experience. We believe in creating food that is value for money to our diners."


It all started with Chef Eugene Heng learning the skill of culinary arts here in Singapore.

He has worked in a couple of places as apprentice before finally settling down and setting up on his own small shop outside town. However, soon the business went south, and Eugene walked out of the business venture.

Unwilling to be defeated, he collaborated with his then, girlfriend, now wife and her best friend and his very own brother to set up a restaurant that has come to be known as “The Sushi Bar”. It was after 3 long months, at the brink of losing hope, that we finally managed to find the right place with the right crowd, and the right budget, in a little hidden corner of Far East Plaza.

And, it was on the September of 2012…

that the 4 of us opened to the public for the very first time. But at that time, we did not yet have a business plan, nor customer base, nor a proper kitchen, nor staff. We juggled our time at the restaurant between our full-time corporate jobs, often helping out at the restaurant after work at 5PM, and even using our leaves to help out Eugene. At that time, almost all our customers, were really just our friends showing support, dining there almost every other day, with different companions, trying to help spread the word. Then few random customers, however, soon became regulars, and helped spread the word furthermore.

Soon enough, the crowd grew, and the shop was way too small to cope

And almost a year since we first opened, The Sushi Bar expanded into the next door shop, but even that wasn’t enough, and half a year later, in 2014, expanded into another unit in Far East Plaza, almost 2.5 times the size of the current shop.

And with seemingly ever increasing demand, we finally opened a new flagship restaurant on the 5th floor of Ngee Ann City, making it more accessible, more convenient, and a larger, more accommodating restaurant.


When we were building The Sushi Bar, we have two simple words that forever anchored us in our business strategy: quality and passion. Overtime, it evolved into three core values that The Sushi Bar stand for:


Yes, cost price keeps rising but food is our craft.
We expect nothing but the best in everything we do.
We strive for the best and work towards it every day.


We create food with our own original ideas. We are open-minded, love to learn and constantly evaluating how we can do better. We dare to try new things. You’ll never know what will come from us next.


We pride ourselves in taking care of our own people and customers. We care about what you think.

We give 100% in everything we do: whether it’s making a cup of hot green tea, sweeping the floors, or cutting a salmon. We want our customers leaving with happy tummy and our people thinking that this is the best place that they have ever worked at.

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